“Frogworks’ Goal Is To Ensure That Projects Related To IT Go As Smoothly As Possible.”

Recently, Frogworks was asked to work with a new phone provider for ABYC. Frogworks was on target, attentive and responsive. While being kept in the loop, we were spared the aggravation of having to coordinate between the vendor. I’m very pleased with the service provided by Frogworks.

Frogworks Reviews - Helen Koepper - Project Manager - American Boat And Yacht Council Helen Project Manager

“We Rely On Frogworks 100% For Managing The Network That Runs Our Three Surgical Centers.”

We rely on Frogworks 100% for managing the network that runs our three Surgical Centers. Frogworks designed and implemented them, and has supported them flawlessly for many years. Whatever the job is, we know it will be done right the first time, and at a reasonable cost. The owner is knowledgeable, quick, and totally trustworthy.

Frogworks Reviews - Dr. Paul Schwartz - Partner - Southern Maryland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Paul Partner
Oral Surgeon

“I Get Real Peace Of Mind Knowing That Frogworks Is Part Of Our Team.”

With our previous provider, there was one time where we were down for an entire week. Once we were finally back up, my staff had to enter data for the current week, plus the week we were down. It was ridiculous. Frogworks has backed up everything they said in the book that they would do, or recommended should be done. I’ve worked with other IT companies in the past. I was never able to get the same level of support that I experience with Frogworks. Frogworks is our IT provider. We aren’t going anywhere!

Frogworks Reviews - Leslie Hubbell - Manager - Galleria Salon & Spa Leslie Manager

“They’ve Made All Of Our Systems, Including Backups And Firewalls, Run Without A Hitch.”

I've been working with Frogworks since 2005. They are always professional, and respond very quickly to our problems. Their willingness to help (no matter how small our problem) tells us that we are important to them; and that's a great feeling! Best of all, they've made all of our systems, including backups and firewalls, run without a hitch.

Frogworks Reviews - John T. Modic - M.D. And Owner - Academy Dental Care John M.D. And Owner

“If It Hadn’t Been For Frogworks, There Is No Way We Could Have Gotten Things Done As Quickly As They Were.”

In a span of less than a week, with four of those days being holidays, Frogworks had us fully functioning with little notice! If it hadn’t been for Frogworks’ professionalism, amazing response, and expertise, there is no way we could have gotten things done as quickly as they were. Frogworks is a valuable trusted business partner in every sense of the word.

Frogworks Reviews - Roger Blunt - Major General, Ret. - Essex Construction, LLC Roger Major General, Ret.,
Industrial Contractor

“Friendly And Dependable!”

Frogworks delivers friendly and dependable service. Every time we need to call them, they have been awesome to deal with and the service has been fantastic. We feel confident that we have a dependable company to call on when an issue arises!

Frogworks Reviews - Kimberly Mosher - Diamond Limosines, Inc. Kimberly Limousine Company


I appreciate Frogworks’ professionalism, and the thoroughness of the repairs. Their customer service is excellent and consistent, every step of the way!

Frogworks Reviews - Ken Weikel - Owner - Chic-fil-a Ken Owner
Quick Serve Food Industry

“Talk About Fast Response!”

What I like most about Frogworks’ services is their fast response, efficiency, knowledge, and professionalism. We called late in the day, they were here in an hour and had us up and running within the hour, and they had never previously worked on our network. We now have someone to go to when have technology issues.

Frogworks Reviews - Karina Wilkey - Controller - Good Stuff Eatery Karina Controller

“We Are Confident That Any Computer Problem Can And Will Be Repaired.”

Frogworks truly appreciates and understands what is needed for a business to be productive. We always appreciate and respect the level of personal and professional dialogue with the Frogworks’ staff. This provides us with a sense of trust and confidence. Their work demonstrates the highest quality and expertise, and we are confident that any computer problem (no matter how big or small) can and will be repaired.

Betty Private Construction

“Since Hiring Frogworks, Our Computers Run So Much Faster And More Efficiently!”

Since hiring Frogworks, our computers run so much faster and more efficiently! I also love that Frogworks responds to every request immediately. Since we work in a fast paced office, these both mean a lot! The Frogworks team is there to support me every step of the way.

Frogworks Reviews - Rachael Pasqualle - Office Manager - Essex Construction, LLC Rachael Office Manager
Industrial Contractor

“Frogworks Has Allowed Me To Focus On The Business Matters At Hand.”

Having Frogworks handling our network has allowed for me to focus my attention on the business matters at hand. I know without any doubt that if something is wrong; Alex will be here to fix it. If the problem is complicated his knowledge of the inner workings of our business will aid in his suggestion for a solution. He is always looking out for our success without regard to how it will benefit him personally. A rare quality in a personal or a business relationship.

Frogworks Reviews - Jacki Taylor - Practice Manager - Southern Maryland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Jacki Practice Manager
Oral Surgeon


I have been so impressed with the responsiveness of the Frogworks Team. They even came in to fix an issue that a previous provider had caused. They were able to quickly propose an effective solution and fix the problem.

Matthew General Council
Government Contractor

“Frogworks Is Always There For Our Business.”

Late one evening, the server restarted during our end of day close process. We could not process sales, close out sales, nor make appointments. I sent an email to Frogworks, and they called me right away to work on the problem. I was able to stay calm, knowing Frogworks was helping. I know if I need anything, Frogworks will be there for me no matter the time of day.

Michelle Manager

“Frogworks’ Customer Service Is Over The Top.”

Frogworks’ customer service is over the top; very professional with the client. Their specialist came out to the site, and addressed all our needs relating to the computer issues we were experiencing. He was very diligent, professional, answered our questions, explained to us what he was doing every step of the way, using plain English – no geek speak. The biggest benefit I received was prompt and immediate turn-around time.

Kendra Branch Manager
Property Management

“We Were Thrilled To Finally Find A Company Who Cared About What We Wanted And Made Sure We Had A Complete And Secure Backup On-Site And Off-Site.”

Frogworks sat down with us and really listened to what we wanted and what our goals were for the business. Before we knew it they had helped us achieve our goals and gave us confidence in our computer system. That is something we never had from our past experience with IT companies. I could tell from the first time I met with them that they really cared and really wanted us to succeed.

Frogworks Reviews - Brenda Dent - Office Manager - Academy Dental Care Brenda Office Manager

“Frogworks Is Easy To Work With, Quick To Respond, And Dependable.”

Moving to the cloud was seamless, and it’s extremely easy to use. No matter what device employees are using, or where they’re located, they’re able to access the files on the cloud from their PC, MAC, or even iPad. Besides the quick, courteous, and dependable support Frogworks provides, having all the server files stored on the cloud has been a ‘life saver.

Frogworks Reviews - Liz Kraighman - Research Analysis & Engineering LLC Liz Government Contractor

“Hiring Frogworks Is The Best Decision I’ve Made In A Long Time.”

All I can say at this point is that Frogworks is an amazing business. Their service is fast and efficient. Their team is so helpful and friendly, and not intimidating to those of us who are IT challenged. Hiring Frogworks is the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Frogworks Reviews - Judy Hotchkiss - Vice President - Hotchkiss Ob-Gyn Judy Vice President
Medical Practice

“We Rely On Frogworks To Provide Feet On The Ground For Our Multiple Properties In The Washington DC Area.”

Since our first interaction, Frogworks has proven that they have systems in place to provide outstanding support and communication not only with each individual office, but with our corporate office as well. The Frogworks technicians that have provided support have done so in a manner consistent with excellence and thoroughness that has yet to be matched by other providers that we use in other cities. Their exceptional professionalism, procedures, and communication have set the standard by which we choose vendors in other locations.

Frogworks Reviews - David Baizley - IT Administrator - Property Management Co. David IT Administrator
Property Managment