Is Cloud Right For You?

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As cloud computing becomes more and more popular, it’s still not clear to some business owners how “the cloud” can really help them grow their success.

At Frogworks, we want to simplify the concepts of cloud computing for you by explaining how it can help your business and assisting you in choosing the right cloud solution for your unique needs.

Cloud computing solutions are very beneficial to the right organization, but not right for every company; so if you’re thinking about making the transition to the cloud, you should fully understand the pros and cons of switching before you spend money on a new technology solution.

However, if the cloud is right for your business, you can lower your technology expenses by 20-50%, simplify your IT infrastructure, say goodbye to ongoing IT problems, and allow your employees to work remotely from anywhere, anytime.

Are You Considering Office 365, Google Apps, Or
Some Other Cloud Computing For Your company?

If you’d like to find out if the cloud is right for your business, read our free cloud computing report: "5 Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Network To The Cloud".

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What Makes "The Cloud" Different From Your Server?

Feel free to watch our industry acclaimed video series that explains the cloud in a fun, lighthearted way!

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Cloud vs. Server: Consolidation

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Cloud vs. Server: Cut The Cord

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Cloud vs. Server: Efficiency

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Cloud vs. Server: Access Anywhere

Do you need a mobile solution to take care of your files, emails, databases – you name it – and still have access anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time?